One on One Flexi-Training Sessions

Session Details

One on One sessions are hosted at the daycare, in the backyard (weather permitting) or inside the daycare (masks on) – for owners struggling with leash aggression & walking etiquette, we will take the second half of your session onto the streets.
Owners are invited to bring with them any other people who are actively involved in their pups training (other family members, roommates, regular care givers etc).

Sessions are 1 Hour in length

Hosted Saturdays between 9am and 5pm

Rate: $75.00 per hour
    These training sessions are designed to work with training issues that may or may not be covered by obedience classes - we adapt to suit your needs.

Areas that can be tackled include:

These are just examples, if your challenge doesn't fall in any of these categories, feel free to reach out and we will let you know if this is something we can help you with.
Outside the House

Good Walking Habits (Staying by your side, not pulling)

Building Walking Confidence in Fearful Dogs

Overcoming Leash Aggression/Stranger Danger Issues

Recall Training

Proper Dog Introductions/Socialization

Inside the Home

Separation Anxiety

Protective Behaviors & Human Aggression

Territorial Behaviors & Barking

Attention Demanding Behaviors

Housebreaking/Marking & Destructive Behaviors

Limit Testing Behaviors

COVID Isolation Issues

Proper Dog Introductions

New Puppy 101

Basic Guide for setting up your new dog's training & in house habits (this covers all of the basic structure when bringing a puppy in the house such as crating, rules in the house, housebreaking, basic commands and stable training practices)

About Woof! Training

Woof!'s training style/program was developed by our resident "dog behavioralist", Ash. Entirely self-taught, she has been studying dog behaviour in addition to working with and rehabilitating rescue dogs for over 20 years. Having studied under and worked with trainers in a medley of styles, she developed Woof!’s training style to be firmly based in dog behaviour while still being adaptive to a dogs temperament and personality. Woof!’s training style is not one over-arching method but rather applying different methods based on the dog and the dogs environment and family structure to ensure maximum success.

Woof!'s training is also set up to avoid the 'judgement' feelings that so often come with many dog training courses. What tactics might be right for one dog owner, aren't necessarily right for you and your dog; these sessions are about arming dogs owners with a good overall knowledge and understanding of 'all things dog' so that they can have the confidence to train their dogs in a manner that works for them and keep moving forward with their dog's training as they grow and develop.

Depending on the issues you're looking to tackle, most owners are able to get on the right track with one or two sessions. There is no commitment to a minimum number of One on Ones - whatever you need is what you book.

COVID SAFETY: Our trainer & staff are all fully vaccinated. Masks will be warn by the staff and trainer and we require that all participating individuals do the same. Our trainer is tested weekly for COVID prior 24 hours prior to hosting Saturday sessions for maximum safety.

What to expect in a session:

  • Each session is different for each dog and owner (or owners). Owners are invited to email us a list of issues they wish to tackle during the session. We may not get through all of them but we will do our best.

  • The session will start off with a series of questions about your dog and the issues you’re experiencing while we observe your pups body language and behaviour.

  • Depending on the issue, we will go through anything from overall understanding of dog behaviour (so you can understand what your dogs behaviour really means, and things to keep your eye out for etc) to technique options that work within your lifestyle and so forth.

  • This will be followed by demonstrations regarding training techniques. If there are one or more people with you, each member will be given instruction.

    If you are working on leash etiquette issues, be prepared to hit the streets, so dress for the weather!
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