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North of Woof!


North of Woof! offers comfortable, kennel free home style boarding at our facility on our 50 acre farm just north of Toronto.

Features :
  • Dogs are kept in a kennel free home style environment (designed specifically to look and feel like a home with 24/7 staffing)
  • Daily hikes on our 50 acre farm for dogs who can hike off leash
  • Large dog run for dogs who are unable to hike off leash
  • Lots of play time as our dogs are encourage to run and play, !
  • Crating at night is available for puppies and dogs who are on a crate routine at home (this is optional).
  • Well trained, knowledgable staff
  • Balance of positive reinforcement and constructive correction during playtime
  • Pictures posted regularly on North of Woof! Album
  • The return of a ridiculously tired and happy dog and a stress free vacation away for their humans!
  • Boarding Requirements:

  • Your pup must be dog friendly
  • Your pup must be housebroken (puppies under the age of 5 months are an exception)
  • Your pup must be up to date on all required vaccinations (Rabies, DA2PP/DHPP, Leptopriosis) and be licensed in the city of their residence
  • 6 months or older pups must be spayed/neutered at time of board
  • Your pup must complete and pass an assessment day at Woof! City Daycare before boarding may commence.
  • Your pup must must NOT be an extreme flight risk, suffer from aggression or extreme toy or food possessiveness (see common questions for clarification)

  • See below for more information on how we run North of Woof! boarding.

    How it works

    Daily Structure
    Here is what a typical boarding day looks like

    • 6:00am to 7:00am: Morning washroom break & morning feedings are prepared (for dogs on a breakfast schedule)
    • 7:00am - 9:00am: Daytime staff arrives & breakfast feedings commence, coupled with playtime in the yard and coach house
    • 9:00am to 10:30pm: Morning hikes commence (dogs taken in small groups for safety)
    • 10:30am to 12:00pm: The shuttle arrives with new boarding pups! Outside/inside playtime continues & lunch time meals are prepared.
    • 12:00pm to 1:00pm: Lunch time & downtime while country day camp dogs continue to go for their hikes
    • 1:00pm to 3:30pm: Afternoon playtime & hikes. Dogs catching the shuttle for their last day will be packed up to catch their ride home. We will ensure they have one more run, a good once over (so they don't bring any 'country' home with them) and we will ensure a washroom break before they head in the van.
    • 4:00pm to 7:00pm: Downtime commences & high energy dogs will be commonly get another hike before dusk/dinner time feedings.
    • 7:00pm to 9:00pm: Evening staff arrives, dinner feedings finish up & dogs get another round of outside time.
    • 9:00pm to 10:00pm: Last washroom break before dogs are encouraged to settle for the evening. Crates are set up for puppies or owners requesting crating (dogs can see the whole room), dogs generally find a place to settle in for the evening on their own & extra dog beds are pulled out for more spaces to nestle in and snooze...generally, most dogs are out and sleep like the dead. Overnight staff pull down the murphy bed and get sorted to cozy up with our pups.

    Feedings & Medication

    Owners provide their dog's food for boarding. Feeding times vary slightly but generally its early morning, midday and evening. Dogs are fed one at a time separated from the group. Some dogs who are grazers or generally not big on eating (whether a common trait or because their a tad nervous), will be provided 'incentivizers' such as liver dust, parmesan cheese or chicken broth etc (we always have this on hand) to assist them in finishing their meals.

    Raw Food: Dogs who eat raw will be subject to an additional freezer & refrigeration fee of $2.00 per day.

    Medications: If your dog take medication at feeding time, there is no additional charge for this. However, if your dog is on a strict timeline for medication (i.e. every 6 hours etc), you may be subject to a medication administration fee as staff switch offs, hike schedules, playtime, feedings etc will have to be schedule around medication times. If your pup requires multiple pills, we require owners to provide weekly pill cases/organizers portioned out for the period of their board. You may pack extra pills in case your pick up is delayed but the required pills must be organized for the staff. Failure to organize medication will result in a $25.00 charge to do so.

    Common Questions About Boarding

    The Hikes

    Our dogs enjoy the hikes more than any other activity. Its an excellent way to stimulate them, help them bond with the staff (if they are new) and allieviate any first time anxiety. When you sign up for North of Woof! Boarding you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that covers things such as recall and walk behavior, prey drive, food motivation levels etc so that we have a good handle on how they would do on a hike and what is the best set up for them to hike. There are several options for hiking boarding dogs for safety: Off Leash (for dogs with excellent recall and no flight risk), Dropped Leash (For dogs who need a little reinforcement but are generally well behaved we use a 30 to 50ft long leash clipped to a harness to enable reinforcement but still give them some freedom), or on leash (for dogs who are not able to go off leash but are good walkers) On Leash Dogs will be taken on a waist leash or a 15ft leash depending on their walking behavior. Every new dog is taken on their first hike on a held long leash and GPS collar to test how they respond to recall. When boarding there are so many factors that can affect recall (both positively and negatively), so don't be surprised if your pup exhibits different behavior than they would with you, we are experienced in all of these situations and work with your dog to get them the best set up possible.

    The Photo Album

    We post pictures of our boarding dogs regularly to give owners an opportunity to check in to see how their pups are doing. Sometimes this can be affected by things such as weather (being pelted in the face by snow or rain doesn't always make for easy picture taking :)) if we have a couple of nervous dogs that require extra attention, or we just got a lot of blurry action shots (getting dogs to pose is never easy!), but generally speaking post pictures daily, including coach house shots, hiking pics and yard playtime. You can check out the North of Woof! Album here.


    North of Woof! Boarding operates with lower numbers to ensure quality care. Normally its between 10-15 dogs boarding at any given time. During the holiday periods and long weekends, this number goes up slightly but so does the staffing. Many of boarding dogs are veteran boarders or Woof! Day Camp regulars, not having a constant rotation of new dogs but rather a balance of first timers and repeat boarding dogs make larger groups much more relaxed and gives the staff the opportunity to give the first timers a little extra attention.

    What to Pack & How

    The only thing owners need to provide for their dogs when boarding is their food, collar & leash.

    Boarding is busy, with many dogs coming and going on a daily basis. To keep everything organized, securely stowed away from other dogs etc, we have a bin system to store, protect & organize all boarding dog items. We ask owners to refrain from bringing things such as beds, blankets, toys, chews, treats. When owners bring more items than we are able to store within our system, that system breaks down and items may not be returned, food can get disorganized and dogs may not recieve their medications etc.

    For toys/blankets etc, we cannot guarantee that your items will go home in the same condition they were provided; so we ask that you don't bring them. Things that smell like home do not provide your dog with additional security (if anything it makes them more anxious), so keeping them safe at home is best. Treats, chews and toys are can be problematic to provide should there be a dog with resource guarding issues in the group.

    Owners are provided with a "How to Pack" Information sheet, (which you can view here) each and everytime they board to provide all owners with the information they need when preparing their dog for their boarding.

    We have all the good stuff your dog will need to be comfortable and enjoy their stay with us, bowls, toys, treats, topper, dog beds, blankets etc, are all items we keep on hand.

    Flea & Tick Protection

    If your dog is participating in North of Woof! Boarding, please ensure they are on a preventative flea and tick from thaw to freeze( approx. March to November). Especially in the fall and spring months, the temperature of your dog is vastly warmer than the temperature of the ground and these little pests are better able to identify a warm host.

    We spray inside the facility for fleas and do thorough cleanings but there is no dog to dog protection or ability to protect them while they are in the fields - we do check for ticks but they can be missed, so taking the precaution to keep them flea and tick free is extremely important. If you're dog is found to be hosting fleas (not one, but several) during their stay, you will be charged for a flea bath for your dog and an $100 cleaning fee.

    We understand that some ticks are not affected by Flea and Tick treatment. As such, if your dog gets a tick, we will remove it and inform you and save the tick for testing. There is no cleaning fee as ticks do not jump/replicate in the same manner as fleas. Please note that multiple live ticks on your dog means their Tick protection is not working for your pup (we've seen this happen!) and we will inform you of this so you can speak with your Veterinarian about an alternative treatment.

    Aggression & Flight Risk Safety Nets

    Because we don't separate our boarding dogs to give them the most 'home style' boarding experience possible, we have very strict rules about aggression and flight risk dogs. The Assessment Day prior to the commencement of any first time boarding is designed to identify any potential behavioral issues that may affect our ability to integrate and properly care for a dog within our boarding pack. Dogs can get into little 'mini' tussles here or there; those do not dictate that a dog is aggressive, often times these are first day anxiety induced or just over-excitment.

    Our staff is well trained in identifying and managing the regular things such as the occasional over-excitment fight, limit setting behavior (dogs snapping off other dogs who are not reading their queues), anxiety or initial fear aggression etc; but if a dog is overly prone to these issues or has serious resource guarding behaviors or dog aggression issues, we are not set up to give them the best possible experience.

    However, since not all things may be identified during an assessment; there are additional fees of $55 per day should any issues arise that require a dog to be separated from the pack during their boarding. These fees are there to ensure owners are forthwright and responsible about providing accurate information to Woof!. If you believe your dog may be at risk for any of this behavior let us know, many thing are manageable but if they aren't, we are happy to recommend facilities we know and trust that would give your dog a better boarding experience, and you a stress-less time away.

    The North of Woof! Farm

    Woof!'s Boarding Farm and Day Camp is a 50 acre operating hay farm in Schomberg, Ontario. The fields grow hay from spring through fall. We have a forested area, apples and pear trees and three ponds. During the hay growth seasons, we cut walkways through the hay so that dogs have pathways to run comfortably, but we have found that the dogs LOVE to bound through the high grass as well. This may mean that they come home with some 'schmutz' if they have long fur.

    Brushing Services & Coat Maintainance

    We do regular burr and coat checks at North of Woof!, but this does not entail a full body brushing or coat maintenance. If your dog requires regular brushing to avoid matting, you may book additional Brushing Services to assist in maintaining their coat while here. If your dog's coat is already matted, we may not be able to provide the service (we do not dematt coats as it is incredibly painful for your dog) but you will not be charged if we cannot complete the service.

    Boarding Rates

    Daily Rates
    • $68 /day
      5 Days or Less Rate
      • No Additional Daycare Fees (7am to 11am next day)
      • Home Style Set up with tons of playtime
      • Shuttle Services Available Monday to Friday
    • $63 /day
      6 Days or More Rate
      • No Additional Daycare Fees (7am to 11am next day)
      • Home Style Set up with tons of playtime
      • Shuttle Services Available Monday to Friday
    • $73 / day
      Holiday Premium Rate
      Daily Rate on Major Holiday Weekend/Dates Incl.
      • Long Weekends
      • March Break
      • Thanksgiving & Winter Holidays
      • Applies only to days falling on premium day rates - not your whole board

    Shuttle Services Or Farm Drop & Pick Up

    How to get your dog to the farm

    Farm Direct Drop Off & Pick Up

    You may drop off or pick up your dog directly from boarding at the Farm during the alloted windows. These windows are set so that we are able to manage the exercise time of our dogs between pick up windows. There are no exceptions to drop off or pick up windows.

    First Day Farm Drop Off:
    Monday to Friday 7am to 11am || Saturday to Sunday & Holidays: 9am to 12pm

    Please note that there are no drop offs or pick ups on December 25th or January 1st to give as many of our staff time with their families as possible.

    Last Day Farm Pick Up:
    Monday to Friday 7am to 11am OR 4pm to 7pm || Saturday to Sunday & Holidays: 9am to 11am OR 3pm to 5pm*

    *Pick ups taking place after 11am are subject to a last day daycare fee of $34.00

    Daycare Shuttle Service (No Additional Charge)

    Our Daycare shuttle is free of charge, and runs from the daycare to the farm Monday through Friday. You can drop your dog off or pick them up in the designated time windows to get them to and from boarding with ease.

    City Daycare ⇨ Boarding Farm Shuttle (Your Start Day):
    Monday to Friday Shuttle Departure: 9am
    Drop off at Daycare between 7am to 9am

    Boarding Farm ⇨ City Daycare Shuttle (Your End Day):
    Monday to Friday Shuttle Departure: 4pm
    Pick up at the daycare between 5pm and 7pm

    Home Shuttle Service ($15 Per Ride)

    We offer Home Pick Ups and Drop Off Services for owners living in our shuttle area. Owners will recieve a text message from our shuttle drivers the morning of pick up or drop off with an estimated 30 minute arrival window within our shuttle operation times.

    Home Pick Up ⇨ Boarding Farm
    Monday to Friday 9am to 10:30am
    Boarding Farm ⇨ to Home
    Monday to Friday 3:30pm to 5:30pm

    North of Woof! Gallery

    Interested in Signing Up for Boarding?