• Affordable Dog Daycare
    in Bloorcourt

    6am to 9pm Monday to Friday & Saturday 9am to 5pm

    Woof! is happy to announce its dog daycare facilities are now open from 6am to 9pm Monday to Friday & Saturday 9am to 5pm.
    Woof! features an open space daycare with padded flooring, a full backyard for play and washroom breaks and solo or pair walks throughout the day. Our experienced and trained staff will make sure your dog is safe, happy and cared for
    at all times.


    Woof! Dog Daycare
  • Dog Grooming

    Get your pup looking gorgeous at Woof!

    Woof offers full service grooming for your
    pooch. From Nail Trims to Full Grooms,
    our amazing groomer will have your pup looking top notch!


    Woof! Dog Daycare Grooming
  • Need Stuff?
    We've got it!

    Leashes and Toys and Beds, Oh My!

    Woof!'s shop features quality brands locally made for your pet.


    Woof! Dog Shop
  • Making a difference
    for dogs everywhere

    Woof! is about saving lives.

    Woof! is run by long time dog rescuers and foster parents. After we pay the bills, proceeds from Woof! go to assisting dog rescue agencies in Ontario.


    Woof! Dog Rescue

Affordable Daycare Packages

Rates as low as $25 per day for frequent attendees.

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Longer Hours

Woof! is happy to offer daycare from 6am to 9pm Monday through Friday and Saturday daycare from 9am to 5pm.

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Woof! offers full service grooming in its brand new grooming studio. Our services include nail trims, bath and tidy, full grooms and de-shed treatments. Grooming is by appointment and can be coupled with a day of fun in the grooming daycare for the busier schedules.

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